Wagonaire – Installing the Windshield

I’ve watched this being done before, but was still too chicken to try it myself.

Last fall, I sold an MGB GT to a young man who lives in the neighborhood.  He had shared with me that he had a former career as an auto glass installer and that he still did it “on the side”.  When the Wagonaire needed the windshield put in this week, I gave him a buzz.  We scheduled it for today.

Adam showed up right on time and test fit the new gasket to the windshield…


When he was satisfied that the gasket was correct, he inserted the stainless trim into it…


…and taped the gasket to the window in several spots to insure it stayed in place…


Then he inserted the rope into the channel that would fit into the opening in the body…



He filled the part of the gasket that would lay against the outside of the body with this stuff…



He also coated the inner portion of the gasket with linseed oil to make it slippery so that it would slide into place easier…


These rubber suction cups are magic!  Adam put them into place then worked the little pump on them to firmly attach them to the glass…



Ready for the scary part.  Adam carried the assembly to the car.  I’m supposed to “catch” the other end…




Once in place, my job was to climb into the engine compartment and hold it there.  I think this was mainly Adam’s way of keeping me occupied and out of the way.


Adam pulled the rope and the lip of the gasket fell neatly into place…


He slapped the windshield with his palm to fully seat the gasket…


Adam then shot a bead of the bedding compound under the windshield side of the gasket…


He assured me that gooey mess was a good thing.  It showed the gasket was fully sealed to the body and to the glass.


Cleaning up the gooey mess took less time than I would have thought.  First glass cleaner and a plastic knife…


Then a razor blade on the glass side…


Then some solvent on a clean rag.




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6 Responses to Wagonaire – Installing the Windshield

  1. bluecorduroy says:

    that string part is genius! what a nice guy andy is.

  2. becca says:

    can i get a couple of those suction cups? they’d be perfect for my spiderman-style glass building climb….

  3. Bill Clay SDC member says:

    Great photos! I need to do this to my Wagonaire. This is great help!

  4. Bill Clay SDC membet says:

    Thanks Dick, Finally put the new windshield in!

    • JAMES B KISTLER says:

      Is there any possibility to get photos—Photobucket doesn’t work–no pictures

      • James. Sorry it took so long, but I have updated the Wagonaire windshield blog with pictures. They got caught up in the PhotoBucket nightmare and it is taking some time to recover. Regards, Dick.

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