Vendovi Island has been a privately held island since about the 1960’s.  Recently it came up for sale and we were all lucky enough to have the San Juan Preservation Trust purchase it.

Here’s the whole story…

Vendovi Island

On May 1st of this year it was open to the public.  Today Mike, Ken and I went to Vendovi in Mike’s boat.

Vendovi is about a half hour into the San Juans across Bellingham bay.

Vendovi came into view between Lumi on the right and Elisa on the left…

We headed for the small clear spot on the right side of the island and found this…

The dock was just inside the breakwater…

On shore, we started exploring.  Near the dock was a nifty picnic area and a great spot for pondering the universe…

The house was beautiful and had a great view…

We explored some of the outbuildings…

…and found the old sawmill with the 1887 steam engine.  It’s my theory that the entire island was logged in the late 1800’s and the logs turned into lumber on site.

We discovered a nifty tree house…

…on our hike…

We hiked to Bluff Bench.  Great view of Guemes, St. Clair, and Cyprus.

Then over to West Beach…

Then, reluctantly, back to the boat and home.  Great time.  Great friends!

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4 Responses to Vendovi

  1. Dick,
    Those are some fine pictures… what an idyllic spot to spend a sunny week day! So glad it worked out for you guys to go together. I am super excited to make the trip out there as soon as I am able. Thanks for sharing! Another one for the log books for Mike-Dick-Ken adventures!

  2. bluecorduroy says:

    what an absolutely beautiful day!! sunshine and glassy shores- must be paradise! does any one live there anymore?

  3. becca says:

    WOW! Fabulous Pops! I already see a spot on West Beach that looks perfect for a Mother’s Day nap….

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